Native Americans 101: Ten Things You Should Know

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Most Americans don’t know much about Native Americans beyond pow wows, dream catchers, poverty and a sense that Native Americans were mistreated through the frontier period of American history.

This is an opportunity to catch up on some important subjects. What do we mean by the Doctrine of Discovery? Why do some people say the “Indian Wars” never ended? What is the nature of Native American sovereignty on and off the reservations? What is going on with respect to Native and water issues in the American West? What is a Land Acknowledgement Statement and what is the right thing to do? What would Indian Reconciliation Commissions do and would they be effective? What is the right term for Native Americans? Are reservations a good thing or an impediment to Native American progress?

In a non-political way, historian Clay Jenkinson will bring us all up to speed with slides, film clips and humor.

Production Date: 
Thursday, June 22, 2023

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