Trust Issues: Is there hope for America's institutions?

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In October 2020 in The Atlantic, David Brooks wrote “Social trust is a measure of the moral quality of a society—of whether the people and institutions in it are trustworthy, whether they keep their promises and work for the common good. When people in a church lose faith or trust in God, the church collapses. When people in a society lose faith or trust in their institutions and in each other, the nation collapses.” In this fireside-style discussion, Clay Jenkinson and UC Berkeley political scientist Dr. Henry Brady will explore the unique characteristics of the American experiment that depend on trust in our institutions, other epochs in American history that were riddled with distrust and how we recovered, and what we can do to rebuild this critical component of life in America. Clay is the host of the Listening To America podcast. Click here for a primer conversation between Clay and Dr. Brady Check out the Listening To America homepage to explore how it is helping Americans better understand one another through exploring our shared past and collective present.

Production Date: 
Saturday, March 30, 2024

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