Bravo! Vail: The Building of a Festival

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Every year, Bravo! Vail brings the finest orchestras in the world to Vail to present classical repertoires, world premieres and popular interpretations. On beautiful summer evenings, guests and locals gather from around the valley to enjoy the fruit of colossal labor from the “10,000 hours” invested by everyone from the musicians to the lodging and hospitality partners that house and feed the artists and from the crew and volunteers that produce more than 70 performances to the specialist who tunes the pianos to perfection in challenging, high-alpine weather environments.

Join Executive Director Caitlin Murray and Artistic Director Anne-Marie McDermott as we pull back the curtain and poke around backstage at the Bravo! Vail Music Festival. Learn about the 2023 Festival featuring the world’s greatest orchestras and soloists. Veteran journalist Greg Dobbs will moderate a wide-ranging Q&A exploring stories about performer peculiarities (did you know that the New York Philharmonic tunes their “A” to a different frequency than other orchestras?), disasters averted (remember when it snowed on opening night?) and moments of unanticipated brilliance.

Production Date: 
Thursday, June 15, 2023

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