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Advocate for your cause

We believe in supporting local nonprofits and organizations to create media that advocates for their cause, and at the same time provide a diversity of educational content for the community to watch across our platforms. High Five Access Media provides affordable production services for nonprofits to leverage their message both within, and outside the local community.

Contact executive director J.K. Perry for a free consultation. We'll discuss your needs and create a plan to set your vision in motion.

Once your production is complete, share it with the community. Our Media Promotion Toolkit offers suggestions to promote your video.


“We partner with High Five for many events throughout the year to help us document and broadcast our events to the community at large who cannot attend in person. We would not be able to broadcast events live or document our programs without assistance from High Five and we are thankful for their partnership, expertise, and professionalism.”

- Paul Abling, Marketing and Communications Director, Walking Mountains Science Center

Event Coverage

HFAM has loads of field production experience at local venues. Whether you need just a camera or two, or multi-camera production of a large event, we've got you covered. Our past work includes Project Funway, Climate Speaker Series, and Game of the Week.

Live Broadcast and Streaming

Most productions can add the option to stream live, provided the location offers sufficient internet bandwidth.

Public Service Announcements

Want to get the word out about a program your organization offers? We can help you create a short PSA to show the community what you're up to. Watch the PSA we created for the Vail Valley Works and Eagle Valley Library District.


We love to create a good story. Work with us to produce a short film that showcases a project, person or historical event that is important to your organization. Our collaborations include Save the Hahnwald Barn.

Television Studio Productions

Our studio is outfitted with the latest high definition gear, including a video switcher, audio mixer, graphics generator, cameras, microphones and lights. You develop the script for the show, and we'll take care of the rest.


Already captured footage, but need someone to put it together? We provide editing on an hourly basis.


Short on funds? Find an underwriter to cover the cost of production. We can create single or multiple event packages that benefit both your organization, underwriter and HFAM.