'The Skier Bros' Discover Eagle County Good Deeds

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At the core of Housing Eagle County's mission lies a commitment to elevating the community through mentorship and innovative housing solutions. Eagle County is at a crossroads, grappling with escalating demand, spiraling prices, shrinking inventory, and a shift towards remote work. This shift has made our vibrant rural resort mountain communities a magnet for cash buyers, exacerbating the housing dilemma for would-be homeowners and renters alike. Embark on an engaging journey with our very first 30-second commercial, the launchpad of a captivating series dedicated to shining a light on our local housing issues and empowering the residents of Eagle County. This series stands as a testament to the spirit of Eagle County, meticulously crafted, filmed, and brought to life by the very individuals who call this place home. It captures the essence of our community, our residents, our workforce, our spirit, our humor, and our challenges, set against the stunning landscapes, lively towns, cozy homes, and bustling businesses that define this amazing place. A true reflection of local collaboration, dedication, and collective effort, this series is a labor of love from within our community! In the premiere episode, join 'The Skier Bros' as they rally around their friend celebrating a life-changing achievement: securing his first home in Eagle County, thanks to the transformative impact of the Good Deeds buy-down program. This initiative, a cornerstone of our efforts, increases the availability of deed-restricted homes for sale, offering a viable and sustainable route to homeownership for the hardworking folks who make Eagle County so special. For anyone seeking knowledge, inspiration, or that 'aha' moment, the next step is 'easy': Just go to the website! https://www.housingeaglecounty.com Join us on this adventure, and together, by 'Housing Eagle County,' we will build a stronger, healthier, more productive, and more resilient community that benefits everyone!

Production Date: 
Thursday, March 7, 2024