Under the Influence of... Stress

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Stress is omnipresent. It lurks in every nook and cranny of our typical day. Work (and particularly colleagues) can be stressful, home life can be stressful, and never mind our commutes to these places. The problem is that excessive stress has major negative repercussions on our bodies and behavior. It roils our immune system, long-term memory, and sleep habits. Stress causes anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, tense muscles, and, in the worst cases, heart disease. But, perhaps more important, stress removes our motivation to live an authentic life, to help others, and to chase after character – we are just trying to get through until tomorrow.  

There is hope. Corey’s motivating and intellectually-driven speech on stress is perfect for anyone. Corey believes that carrying some stress is a good thing – it can motivate you to face life’s important challenges. The problem is that we carry too much of the bad kind of stress, as well.  

Corey’s presentation will help you figure out your current stress level. After determining your stress score, the group will then evaluate twenty ways to decrease the minor stressors in your life. Once you lower your stress score, you can focus and, hopefully, eliminate your major stressors and more effectively chase an authentic life. Feeling stressed? This talk is for you . . . and everyone really!

Production Date: 
Friday, July 29, 2022