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If You're Thinking About Killing Yourself

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You are valid for feeling the way that you do. But your life is worth it, living is worth it and I know that especially right now it doesn't seem like it. Please hold on. What you're feeling and thinking about doing isn't wrong, but please take a moment to think about your decision. I don't know what's going on in your head or in your life, but I've been in the same boat before. I know what it's like to feel like everything is pointless and wonder why I should go on and if it's really worth it. That's one thing that we have in common, right? Name 5 things that you're going to miss. Like the stars. Or the sound of rain on the roof. Your siblings, books, coloring sheets, stuffed animals, your pets, your plant. If there's one thing that makes you want to stay alive, stay alive for it. I promise you that one of these days your life is going to turn around for the better, but you need to stick around to see it. I know it sucks, but for your future self, for the smallest possibility of happiness, please stay. You are loved and cared for, never ever forget that. Reach out to a friend or email us at if you need someone to talk to. Please stay strong.