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Being Depressed and Coping

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Being depressed isn’t your fault. For me, it felt like I was never sick enough. Like I had to ‘prove’ that I was depressed, had to validate the lack of feeling that overtook me. That’s not right. Feeling trapped within your mind is one of the worst feelings, in my opinion. So what can we do when the dark starts creeping in? Honestly, I don’t have a great answer, I just have things, tools, that have worked for me in the past, but they might not work for you. But anything is worth a try, isn’t it? You’re probably tired of people telling you to just exercise or meditate to ‘cure’ being depressed, and that works for some people, but if you’re anything like me, it doesn’t. Generally, for teens, coping mechanisms tend to be a little stupid and reckless… so if you can avoid those at all costs, it’ll be better for your future. If you can, and if you think this is what you need, try to get yourself There's this version of you down the road that will be proud of your strength today. What I’ve learned is that you have to live like you care about yourself, so you actually do, you haven’t hurt your chances at getting the life you crave and deserve. Not so much as a coping mechanism as a tip: when you have no motivation to do anything, walk yourself through the steps. Even when it’s something simple like getting up, go through each and every movement. Get yourself in the shower! I used to go days and sometimes weeks without changing my clothes or taking a shower, and it only added to my overall discomfort. So get in the shower, even if you just have to sit in the hot water without moving, it’s something. Get dressed in clean clothes if you can just change your underwear and socks if you can’t do anything else. Clear off your bed and make it if at all possible - I know it’s kinda stupid because you’re just going to get back in it, but there have been studies that have shown that making your bed helps with your overall wellness. For me, getting all of the stuff off of my floor really helps me feel better, just having a clean space makes my mind feel a bit less cluttered. Try to get out of the house and call a friend or a hotline when you start to feel depressed or when you’re in the thick of it. Unfortunately, there’s usually nothing you can do except to wait it out. You are so unbelievably strong. Remember that mental illness doesn’t discriminate, it doesn't care about your grades, your gender, your social status, your history, your family, anything. You are completely valid in spite of everything that has happened to you, and everything that hasn’t. Stay strong. You are worth this.